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"What?" you ask, incredulous. "Are you kidding!?!"

"Yeah, actually," says Mike. "Calm down."

You and Peter both heave a sigh of relief. As much as you like each other, that is just too fast.

You do end up spending the night, though. Over the next few days, you're at the pad nearly all the time. You and Peter date for a while, until one night...

You're depressed over the fact that Peter had to leave town and that your rabbit died, and you go to a bar and get stone drunk. You end up running away with a biker whose name you think is Danny, but who actually turns out to be named Howard Fingerhead.

Peter has a hard time but eventually it is for the better, because he falls in love with a girl who can actually sing and she makes the group famous.

One day, after catching Howard with two biker chicks and poisoning him, you come crawling back to Peter, and he accepts you, but the girl tries to kill you and is taken away by the men in the white coats. You and Peter are alright for a while, until he finds out you've been having an affair with the milkboy...

Now that you've succeeded in turning your life into a cheesy soap opera, how would you like Another try?