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Meeting Peter


Any Way You Want It

By Rachel the Evil Pink Knight,
for Autumn for her birthday.

You push aside the beaded curtain and step into the dimly lit back room of "Mystical Prithee", a newer shop that caters to the very spiritual or those on a sixties time-warp. Most people aren't allowed back here, but you know the owner and he's given you permission to use this room for meditation when you just need to get away from things.

He's mentioned to you that there are a few others to whom he's granted the same permission, but you've never seen them. They're never there when you are, and today is no different.

You settle onto a blue fuzzy pillow and light some incense nearby. You sigh as the scent of vanilla fills the room, and you get get so wrapped up in your meditation that you hardly notice when someone else enters the room and sits down on another pillow nearby.

After some time, you come out of it with a clear mind like never before. Then you realize that there is someone else in the room. Trying to remain in your enlightened state, you turn slowly to the side to see who it is.

Suddenly, your clear mind goes down the drain and your heart jumps into your throat when you see that it is none other than Peter Tork, lost deep in meditation. He looks just like he did in the second season, beautiful blonde hair parted with an adorable fringe of bangs, dressed in a psychadelic red and magenta shirt, grey pants, and his moccasin boots.

Your first impulse is to run. Your second is to stick around until he finishes. Your third is to use mental chanting to will the situation into never happening so you won't have to make the descision.


Stick around for a while...

Will the situation away.