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You decide it must be an omen, so you settle down to wait for him to finish. In a few minutes, he opens his eyes slowly and looks at you, trying to maintain composure. He finally gives up and smiles sweetly at you. "Hi," he says, "I was hoping you'd still be here."

You make no attempt to maintain your composure; it would have been futile. You stare open-mouthed for a few seconds, until he reaches over and lifts your jaw back into place.

This snaps you out of it. "Aw, thank you," you say, trying to match his sweetness. "What a nice thing to say."

He smiles again, and you almost melt. The two of you talk for a while, about everything. He is amazingly knowlegable about eastern philosophy for someone that everyone thinks is a dummy. Your suspicions are confirmed that he's not dumb at all, just sweet and optimistic in a predomidantly pessimisstic, nasty world. You can't get over how quickly you're falling for him.

After a while, you both realize it's getting late. "Do you wanna go somewhere?" he asks you. "I could take you to my place, you could meet my friends."

You're torn between wanting to do whatever the man suggests and the feeling that the nice quiet dark room could be an're having naughty thoughs, shame on you!

"Well?" he asks.

Yeah, sure, love to meet them!

Let's just spend the night this dark, quiet, secluded room...(evil grin)

Uh, moving a little fast, aren't we? Already taking me to your house?