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You wake up suddenly, cold water rushing up around your ears. "Ahhhgggrrrhhh!' you yell incoherently, jumping to your feet. Your shout, rather than the water, wakes Peter as well, but he doesn't get up right away.

"Why am I so cold?" he asks.

"'cause you're in the water, silly."

"Oh..." He props himself up on an elbow. "How did this happen?"

You laugh. "I guess the tide was out and it...came in." You both start laughing, then Peter splashes you with some water. You shriek, and jump back. Grinning evilly, you counter-attack.

Before the two of you retreat tiredly to the house, you're both soaked, head to toe, with salt water and wet sand. You would just track it into the house, but Papa Mike is at the door.

"Go straight to the shower, both of you! No tracking mud in the house."

"But, Mike," Peter protests, "Both of us? There's only one shower."

"So..." Mike gets an evil grin on his face. "Share it."

Davy laughs. "That would make it faster, you know. Waste less water."

"Yeah, you should," says Micky, "Strictly for economic reasons, of course. Save water."

Yeah, sure. Why not?

Are you kidding!?!