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Having watched too many MST3K episodes, you just can't resist the temptation to pick apart a cheesy movie with your newest friends. You and Peter squeeze into the armchair together and the movie begins.

Though several times you and Peter get...distracted...from the movie, when you are paying attention you have a great time ripping it apart. You also begin to bond closely with his friends. By the end of the night, they feel like brothers to you.

Which is fortunate, since in a week's time you move in with Peter. The household accepts you with an open heart and you and Peter get more and more serious until, a month later, he asks you to marry him.

Crying, you accept.

You work with your accoustic guitar to improve your playing and eventually bring it into the act. Everyone agrees it sounds great alongside Peter's bass and Mike's electric guitar. Davy is just glad he'll never have to dress in drag again.

You, your husband, and your three best friends, as the Monkees, finally get your big break and obtain fame and fortune.

Within a year's time, a miniature Monkee has joined the household. Makaya Nicolette Tork, when she is old enough, is introduced to the audience before each show, wearing a miniature eight-button shirt. She plays with her toys on stage while the rest of you perform. The audience is awed at what a true family the group is.

You and Peter, and your 8(eventually) children, are happy for the rest of your long, long lives.

That was fun! Lemme do again!