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You debate it and finally give in. After all, you'd hate to hurt his feelings, either over his cooking skill or the rejection of his chivalry. "Alright, Pete, you cook," you say with a smile, "I'll just sit here like a proper guest."

Peter bans you and the others from the kitchen area while he works. You cringe as you hear pots being dropped, things being spilled, and other general mishaps. Throughout all this, you talk with his friends and find them all to be quite nice.

Pretty soon, a surprisingly good smell starts wafting out of the kitchen area. Peter puts a dish on the table with a flourish and a humongous grin, and calls everyone over. Groaning, they comply. You're a bit too curious to groan.

He's made Macaroni & Tuna, to your pleasant surprise. And it's good!

"Hey Pete, this is pretty good!" says Micky, also clearly surprised.

"Yeah," says Mike, "Much better than usual. What's the secret?"

"A man in love has the cooking talent of thousands!" Peter proclaims, trying to keep a straight face, and failing miserably.

"Well," said Davy, "If that's the case, we oughta have her," he indicates you, "over more often." You blush.

After the excellent meal, the guys have to rehearse. Peter asks you if you have any requests.

"Long Title," you say. "It's my favorite."

Peter gets excited because this means he gets to sing lead. They do the song, but at first, Peter is not really paying attention; he's looking at you. You're looking at him. Then he puts everything he has into the rest of the song, and you know he's doing it just for you.

Afterwards, everyone sits around talking for a while, until Micky suggests they turn on the TV. "There's a good movie on - a classic horror flick. Y'know, the kind that are fun to make fun of."

It sounds like fun, but part of you just wants to slip off with Peter somewhere to be alone.

Watch the movie.

I'd rather go off alone with Peter...